Community volunteers

At Triton Investment Company, our charitable contributions stretch beyond our pocketbook and our zip code. From Denver to Tijuana; from housing to education; from health care to peace initiatives, Triton Investment Company is there to help. While Triton Investment Company makes generous monetary donations, its directors and staff — “Team Triton Investment Company” — routinely bestow their time, knowledge and skills upon various non-profit organizations. Our team players build, teach, feed and run to enable the needy to lead better lives.

We pride ourselves on developing not only solid real estate portfolios for our investors, but solid shelters for the homeless. Triton Investment Company’s CEO, along with his wife and daughters, actively participate in Homes of Hope, a foundation that organizes home building missions to Mexico. The “sweat equity” of one Triton Investment Company family allowed several less fortunate families to move from a shelter made of cardboard to a home built with love.

Community volunteers serving meals.

Complementary to Team Triton Investment Company’s construction missions, our company’s cash gifts to charities such as The Denver Rescue Mission and The Salvation Army help fund housing relief, emergency and disaster support, and holiday assistance for more than thirty million people every year. And, at Thanksgiving, the Triton Investment Company Team Members work serving meals to the hungry.

Volunteers serving holiday meals

Triton Investment Company also contributes to lesser-known national charities with a worthy cause, like Peace Jam. Founded in Denver in 1996, Peace Jam’s mission is to teach peace, conflict resolution and tolerance to youth around the world.  Working hand in hand with Nobel Peace Laureates — including the Dalai Lama and the Archbishop Desmond Tutu — Peace Jam has helped mentor 500,000 youth worldwide.

Volunteers working to help feed the homeless

From the far corners of the world, to Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood where Triton Investment Company makes its home, Team Triton Investment Company’s contributions are hard at work. Triton Investment Company’s support of The Colfax Business Improvement District enables the non-profit to attract new investment, undertake property improvement, and foster public safety. A Triton Investment Company Officer serves on the organization’s Board of Directors, which is appointed by the Mayor of Denver and approved by the Denver City Council.

Triton volunteers helping with humanitarian projects

Other charities like Historic Denver, Inc. and the Colorado Endowment for the Humanities also benefit from Triton Investment Company’s gifts to the community. Our donations to Historic Denver help the organization preserve Denver’s historic landmarks and educate urban homeowners about preservation and rehabilitation techniques. Likewise, the funds we contribute to the Colorado Endowment for the Humanities allow the foundation to provide humanitarian programs and strengthen cultural institutions for more than 200,000 people in thirty Colorado counties every year.

Triton Investment Company helps provide monetary support to The Alliance for Choice in Education (ACE). Triton Investment Company’s CEO also serves on the Board of Directors. ACE offers scholarships, which enable low-income children to receive a quality education.

In order to pursue a good education, a child first needs to be healthy. Triton Investment Company’s donations to the Children’s Hospital Foundation help provide for the medical needs of Colorado’s youth. Triton Investment Company literally has taken strides to promote healthy lifestyles for our children.

Helping at the Colfax Marathon

The Colfax Marathon has not only benefited from Triton Investment Company’s sponsorship since its 2006 debut, but also from Triton Investment Company’s Relay Teams’ participation in the 26.2-mile race. Proceeds from the run are used to fund health education, nutrition counseling, and obesity prevention for children throughout the metropolitan Denver area. Team Triton Investment Company also participates in the annual Malibu Triathalon benefiting the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Team Triton running in the Colfax Marathon

When Team Triton Investment Company is not running marathons, the Team is Walking to defeat ALS, a cause near and dear to the Triton Investment Company family. ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a devastating illness that ultimately results in paralysis and death. To complement its personal involvement, Triton Investment Company is an annual sponsor of the event. The President of Triton Investment Company also serves on The Board of The Rocky Mountain ALS Association, whose mission is to improve the quality of life for ALS patients and their families.

The Triton Team Walking to Defeat ALS

Quality of life is at the heart of Triton Investment Company’s philanthropy. If we help protect, educate, and heal the needy, we improve their lives and ours. Triton Investment Company has prospered, and it is our responsibility to give back to the community in which we thrive.